[Ekiga-list] Microsoft Messenger and Ekiga

Stefan Monnier monnier at iro.umontreal.ca
Sun Sep 17 22:07:40 UTC 2006

> No Damien.  Microsoft has gone back to the original microsoft messenger
> and added the SIP protocal to it.plus video.  It's not MSN Messenger or
> Windows Live Messenger, it's the original microsoft messenger with SIP and
> video added to it.  Actually it's the default messenger now for microsoft.
> It also, of course, does the .NET passport too.

Hmm... so the "Messenger" that my friends use (I assume they all installed
the service pack 2 by now, since it's been a while already) can do SIP?
That'd be cool.  If/when you get it to work, can you add a little note on
the wiki (with an announce here) explaining how to get it to work with
Ekiga?  Even if you don't get it to work, please write how you *think* it
should be configured.  I don't have access to such an MS machine (thank
god), so I'd love to have such explanations so I can pass them on to
my friends.

Would my friends have to use an ekiga.net account from Messenger, or can
they use their "regular" account (whatever that means)?


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