[Ekiga-list] Sound problems

yannick sevmek at free.fr
Sun Sep 17 08:08:24 UTC 2006

Maybe I've miss the point in my previous mail...

Le dimanche 17 septembre 2006 à 15:28 +1000, Linda Marsh a écrit :
> 2) The command did not seem to work, it seemed to get stuck half way
> through execution. I got messages about playing and recording little
> endians and then nothing. I killed it after nothing happened for about
> 5
> minutes. This seems to have led to more problems as now I can't run
> the
> configuration druid or make a call without Ekiga crashing. 

This commande will do nothing by itself, but allow you to test if you
can record and playback at the same time : you have tu use your
microphone and headset (whatever you have to output) to check if you can
hear yourself.

Details :
First it records (arecord) from your microphone, -D plughw:0,0 using
your sound card directly (assuming you got only one...), -c 1 using one
channel (mono, wich is right if using 1 microphone), -r 8000 using a
rate at 8kHz (this is standard in VoIP except for the wideband codec),
-f S16_LE formatting datas in 16 bit little endian (that's the reason of
your message about little endian, this is just a way to put bits in
order, no worry)
Then it playback (aplay) to your output audio system (headset...) using
same settings.


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