[Ekiga-list] Sound problems

yannick sevmek at free.fr
Sun Sep 17 06:41:54 UTC 2006


Le dimanche 17 septembre 2006 à 15:28 +1000, Linda Marsh a écrit :
> Can you tell me how to reverse what I have done with this arecord
> command? 

Quote from 
$ man arecord
"arecord, aplay - command-line sound recorder and player for ALSA sound‐
card driver"

This as nothing to do with Ekiga, those programs (aplay and arecord) are
part of ALSA (the system wich provide drivers for sound-cards shipped
with the linux kernel). See http://www.alsa-project.org/

I guess Damien ask you to test this command to see if your ALSA
installation can support ekiga's requirement from ALSA. Seems your
driver fails to complete the job, meaning your ALSA installation (or
worst, your sound-card...) can't work with ekiga. 

What is your ALSA version ?
Try this in a shell :
$ cat /proc/asound/version

What is your distro ?

What is your sound card ?


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