[Ekiga-list] CVS

George geboyd53 at comcast.net
Wed Sep 13 12:23:18 UTC 2006

I got the CVS from http://snapshots.seconix.com/index.php using Damien's

So where do I go to get the Head for the programs?

> > So, I'm not sure if there needs to be a change in the ekiga configure
> > script or opal cvs and pwlib cvs are not reporting the versions ekiga
> > is looking for.
> Not sure, but I guess you used some tgz or so. For Ekiga CVS always
> (except otherwise noted) make sure you use PWLib CVS HEAD and Opal CVS
> HEAD (Ekiga's configure checks the version tag for CVS HEAD version
> number).
> J.

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