[Ekiga-list] RE : Re: PC-PC communication; Ekiga vs Windows

Jean Basile jean.basile at yahoo.fr
Tue Sep 12 09:01:21 UTC 2006

--- Julien PUYDT <jpuydt at free.fr> a écrit :
> 1. ekiga itself has an alpha port (the installer
> still sucks) ;

I'm using Ekiga under Ubuntu. And it seems to work
well. But my experience with Linux software ported to
Windows is not so good. Yes, they have the
functionality but it means putting the user under
stress. And as my friends are unable (in most cases)
to install anything because of lack of knowledge or
lack of access this isn't an option sadly.

> 2. no, you don't need to register anywhere ;


> 3. any decent SIP software will be able to register
> to an account 
> somewhere, and you'll be able to call them there ;
> or you can use their 
> IP address directly if you want ;

What are the decent/used SIP software applications in
Windows? My experience is quite limited. And from what
I asked around me the general experience is more like
start Yahoo Messenger and start the voice/video part.
Or start Skype and start talking. Nothing protocol
related. And Gaim can't do anything but text.

Also, SIP does video as well? I don't have a webcam
but I would like to see those who do.

> 4. if your username on ekiga.net is "jean.basile",
> then they just have 
> to call "jean.basile at ekiga.net" while you are
> registered there.

Ok. So the final problem is which application?
> Hope this helps,
> Snark

Yes, it brings a great deal of light in here. So far I
have been asking around some forums and in three weeks
- no answer. Thank you Snark!



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