[Ekiga-list] no sound on incoming call

Momme Butenschön mommebu at yahoo.de
Tue Sep 5 13:48:38 UTC 2006

OK, I run ekiga with -d 4 option, did a phone call to my office
phone, talked into that phone, didn't receive any audio signal, closed
the connection from Ekiga and quit Ekiga
I attached the output, hope that might provide sone useful information.


Damien Sandras wrote:
> Le mardi 05 septembre 2006 à 15:02 +0200, Momme Butenschön a écrit :
>>> I am trying to get Ekiga running on Ubuntu 6.06, but I am running into
>>> problems with incoming sound:
>>> -I configured the sound device with the druid
>>> -I get the echo test working
>>> -I added an sip-account (wengo)
>>> -I get echo test on wengo working
>>> -When I actually do a PC to Phone call, the incoming channel is mute,
>>> either the sound, either in the visualisation (the little green bar)
>>> , it works with wengophone though.
>>> -I am not behind a router.
>>> -Firewall is switched off.
>>> any ideas?
>>> Wengo problem?
>> don't think so, at least not purely, as wengophone works (on Ubuntu)...
> Please provide more info.

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