[Ekiga-list] Own Voice Echo even with Headsets

raggeler r.aggeler at gmx.net
Tue Sep 5 13:20:26 UTC 2006


It's an Intel ICH6 card, right. I use ALSA, no OSS. The tests with the 
configuration druid works fine, I just here one "hello" with the 4s 
delay. No echo.
When calling 500 at ekiga.net the Echo-Test works fine as well, I just here 
one echo, the one from the machine echoing ;) Also the arecord && aplay 
tests did not record
any echo. Therefore I think it's not the microphone and not ALSA  as 
well. Otherwise these tests would not work I guess?...

Only when connecting to someone else (so not a echo-machine or whatever) 
I get the echo :/



Carles Pina i Estany wrote:
> Hello,
> On Sep/05/2006, raggeler wrote:
>> I was looking around (also google and irc) for my problem with Ekiga: As 
>> soon as I get connected to another person, I hear my own voice as an 
>> echo. Even if the person
>> on the other end is using headphones or a headset, or turns his own 
>> microphone off. Myself uses a IBM T43 Thinkpad, using headphones to 
> I am not completly sure: I have the same problem. IBM T60 Thinkpad :-)
> (for everybody: hda-intel card)
> It is a local echo, not remote echo.
> Are you using ALSA or OSS?
> I don't remember if i fixed it playing with aumix+alsamixer. I cannot do
> a real test now. 
> In configuration druid test, if you say "hello", do you hear then
> "hello" or "hellohellohelloehello" (again, and again, and again?)
> Is it correct that audio test, when is "recording and playing back", it
> records what is playing?

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