[Ekiga-list] [wiki] Peering, Enum, Fun numbers...

Simon Wood simon at mungewell.org
Fri Dec 29 17:02:50 UTC 2006

Hi George,
>From what you said you completed the authentication process, right? But I think that you have failed to connect a SIP account to the registered PSTN number.

Once you have an account registered, add a PSTN number and verify (which it sound like you have done). Then add/connect a VoIP/SIP account to that PSTN number (under the 'Phone Numbers' tab, click 'ENUM records').

For example:
Register account - Big_Fred
Add Phone Number - '+1-123-555-4567' and authenticate.
Connect SIP account - add '987654 at VoIP-provider' to ENUM record. You can also set 'White Pages' entry and 'Do Not Call'.

You should now be able to call the PSTN number and get connected to the SIP account.

You can check ENUM availability via a online lookup:

You enter the PSTN number and it searches for a match. If a match is found it will display it under the appropriate registra. They even have a Firefox search plugin.


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