[Ekiga-list] Peering with SIPBroker enabled

Damien Sandras dsandras at seconix.com
Sun Dec 24 12:56:41 UTC 2006

Hello to all,

While migrating Ekiga.net to the new server, I enabled peering with

What does that mean?

That means that while being registered to Ekiga.net, you can reach users
registered to other networks.

For example, sip:613 at fwd.pulver.com is an echo test. Formerly, you were
registering to Ekiga.net, and were calling :
- sip:500 at ekiga.net
- sip:613 at fwd.pulver.com

Now, you can still do things that way, but you can also check the
following prefixes table :

You see that the prefix for pulver.com is *393, and you can simply
dial :
- sip:*393613 at ekiga.net to be connected to sip:613 at fwd.pulver.com

If Ekiga.net is the "default" SIP service, you do not even need to
specify the @ekiga.net part. Simply call sip:*393613 just like if you
were calling sip:500.

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