[Ekiga-list] How can I record an Ekiga conversation ?

Carles Pina i Estany carles at pina.cat
Wed Dec 20 17:21:52 UTC 2006


On Dec/20/2006, Mario Rossi wrote:
> >easier way: using Alsa. Read the thread:
> >http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/twinklephone/message/790
> Since Ekiga does not let the user choose the device, I've managed to
> create a .asoundrc for this purpose (I'm not sure about the difference
> between "file" and "tee")

(I have no idea) Maybe file sends the sound only to file without
reproduce or capture it. And tee sends to file and reproduce/capture it.
Like tee command in bash...

> Then, choosing DEFAULT everything is recorded.
> To play those files
> aplay -f S16_LE -r8000 -c 2 XXXX.raw
> It would be good to force a format, so that one has not to guess what
> has been used (I imagine it depends on the codec used). But it does
> not work for Ekiga.

file XXXX.raw should do the trick...

You say that doesn't work with Ekiga? and other bi-directional
applications? using alsa? maybe somebody can help it more. Not me: I
haven't done it...

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