[Ekiga-list] My ToUcam PRO II is broken !

Philippe Lefevre ph.l at libertysurf.fr
Tue Dec 19 21:38:58 UTC 2006

Hi all,

This message is not directly related to Ekiga but my camera falls down 
from my terminal some weeks ago and I had to open it in order to unlock 
the lens tuning. When I did that, the different optical parts felt too 
and I don't know how to replace it. I wrote to the Philips customer 
service but I didn't get any answer till now. So the only solution I can 
see now is to ask if somebody, having the same camera, know how her/his 
own camera lens assembly is.

In advance, I apologize to use this channel for this subject but I'm 
afraid it's the only place were I could reach some potential ToUcam users.

The camera model is ToUcam PRO II ref PCVC 840K/00
If ever you have to disassemble the optical equipment, this is not 
difficult: just unscrew the front part but anyway take care about lens 
which are just behind as they are very free. (may be this is due to the 
shock when mine falls down ? I don't know)

Thank you for any info
Please, contact me directly instead of using the list.


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