[Ekiga-list] ATM & VOIP

Brenda Lindsay Williams brenwilliam at gmail.com
Mon Dec 11 13:44:06 UTC 2006

Hi folks.I'm currently in the process of starting a project, this is the

Design and Evaluation of VOIP networks using ATM backbones....

I would really appreciate your help if you could give me some of your
materials on the above topic as I am under a very strict deadline concerning
the project...I have a couple of questions

I wanna design an ATM protocol suite for a simulated VOIP network and then
carry out performance evaluations against SIP and H.323 for VOIP networks on
the following parameters using NS 2;

bandwidth consumption
packet loss
packet delay(latency)
traffic thoroughput

What can I use to design an ATM protocol?

Could anyone pls point me to where I can get literature reviews on this

Can anyone pls link me up with people who work in the same or related areas?

I could greatly appreciate the help cos this project will go a long way in
helping me when I wanna go for my Doctorate in the same field.Also,if anyone
has any information that might be beneficial to me and would like to
share,pls do so.I eargely await your reply and I hope this is the start of a
very good friendship.Thank you

Best regards

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