[Ekiga-list] Message "Registration failed: Timeout"

Roman Polach rpolach at atlas.cz
Tue Dec 5 19:11:56 UTC 2006

>Le lundi 04 décembre 2006 a 20:01 +0100, Roman Polach a écrit :
>> >
>> >
>> > But are you sure that Ekiga is listening on the appropriate interface?
>> I see the correct local IP address in ekiga Preferences dialog and there is
>> only one network interface: eth0 (and lo of course), so I hope, yes
>> > Can you sniff the traffic on both routers and see what happens?
>> How can I do that?
>Using tcpdump or ethereal (if they are Linux-based).

I have saved some tcpdump logs here:
... this is output of tcpdump on my desktop box
... this is output of tcpdump on inner router - inner interface
... this is output of tcpdump on inner router - outer interface
The outer router is an ADSL modem and I do not know how to get
any information about data going through it...

and I am still not able to get some logging information from ekiga :(

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