[Ekiga-list] Switch from FC5 to FC6 and my ekiga doesn't work anymore

Francois Massonneau frmas at free.fr
Sun Dec 3 17:01:57 UTC 2006


I've just switched from Fedora Core 5 to FC6, and now ekiga doesn't work 
I've tried to find a version 2.03 for FC6 but I've not been successfull.
Now when someone calls me, it rings, but after two or three rings, it hangs 
up as busy, and when I try to do the same, calling 500 at ekiga.net, it rings 
two or 3 times again, and it ends up as busy.
I'm behind a router, but before FC6 it worked, and I didn't change anything 
in the router settings.
Does someone have an idea ? Thank you in advance. Francois


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