[Ekiga-list] STUN registration

Damien Sandras dsandras at seconix.com
Sat Dec 2 13:40:15 UTC 2006

Le vendredi 01 décembre 2006 à 20:57 +0100, Wolfram Wagner a écrit :

> I have posted it to  http://pastebin.ca/263742
> I see a 404 Error followed by a timeout when waitung for PDU. I have not 
> enough insight to know what this means... 

The 404 is for the SUBSCRIBE (it is a normal behavior). The timeout is
for the REGISTER.

That means that :
- the SUBSCRIBE reaches ekiga.net
- the REGISTER, which is identical, doesn't reach ekiga.net OR the reply
to the REGISTER doesn't reach your internal host

Can you sniff the traffic on the routers to see what happens?

I have the feeling that one of them is either dropping the REGISTER, or
dropping the answer to the REGISTER or simply rewriting the REGISTER in
such a way that the answer never reaches you...
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