Opportunity for participation in Gnome releases

Gnome releases have always been a community process, but the release
team is trying to find ways to also broaden the involvement for some
of the handful of tasks traditionally handled by release team members
(this is somewhat of a continuing process; we've been doing this
before and this effort is, in some sense, just another push in that
direction).  If you browse on over to
http://live.gnome.org/ReleasePlanning/Tasks you'll see the main tasks
that the release team needs to ensure are take care of.  We don't know
how to broaden the involvement for all the tasks, but there are some
obvious candidates:

 - Creating an ical file for the 2.13 release cycle
 - Writing release notes; in particular Murray has signalled in his
   blog that he would like others in the community to take charge of
 - Various bug/patch nagging; this mainly means showstopper bugs, but
   possibly also nagging about i18n bugs before string freeze, about
   accepted-commit_after_freeze bugs before freezes start again and
   other such things.
 - Smoketesting release sets; In particular, we'd like to make the
   jhbuild modulesets we generate available soon after tarballs are
   in and let others also build and test with them before the

If you'd like to get involved with any of these, please contact the
release-team and/or the individual whose name appears next to the task
on the http://live.gnome.org/ReleasePlanning/Tasks wiki page.

The Release Team

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